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    Founder, Dr. Eric Maass recently retired as Senior Director for for Medtronic Restorative Therapy Group. Eric was responsible for developing and leading the DRM (Design -Reliability - Strategy) program and focus for most of the company, and has been the chief architect for Medtronic’s DRM BB and MBB programs.

    Eric was recognized with Medtronic’s individual Star of Excellence award for 2012 and as a Technical Fellow in 2017.


    Eric joined Medtronic in October 2009, after 30 years with Motorola in roles ranging from Research and Development through Manufacturing, to Director of Operations for a $160 Million business and Director of Design and Systems Engineering for the Wireless group of Motorola SPS (now Freescale Semiconductor).


    Eric was a co-founder of the Six Sigma methods at Motorola, and had been the Lead Master Black Belt for DFSS at Motorola. His book, Applying DFSS to Software and Hardware Systems, provides clear step-by-step guidance on applying DFSS for developing innovative and compelling new products and technologies, while managing the business, schedule and technical risks.


    Eric received his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University and his PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Arizona State University. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University and also serves as chairman of the Industrial Advisory Board for the NSF-Sponsored B.R.A.I.N. Industry/University consortium.

    Reviews of Dr. Eric Maass


    Arshad Alfoqaha, PhD, MBA

    Chief Architect, IBM


    I’ve known Eric Maass for many years at Medtronic really enjoyed working with him. I’m one of those hundreds of engineers and managers who was inspired by Eric Maass in the Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) practices. Eric is one of the very few people who knows DFSS in-and-out worldwide, and his impact and leadership at Medtronic was very noticeable to everyone which helped him win the Medtronic prestigious Star of Excellence award.


    David Cronin

    Founder and CRO at Cognition Corporation


    I have known and worked with Eric since his time at Motorola when he was one of the originators of Six Sigma, Design For Six Sigma, DRM, and advanced systems engineering practices. Eric helped educate me and my company on these subjects and I am eternally thankful to him for that. Our relationship is now supplier and customer. My company supplies systems engineering software to Medtronic and Eric is our primary corporate contact for the relationship. His leadership in this role has helped us grow the relationship, improve our products, and become a better supplier to the medical device product development community. Eric has a unique combination of Subject Matter Expertise and executive leadership skills. He has built on his superb engineering expertise and combined it with his ability to lead, communicate, and define the next generation in product development advances. It is clear that senior corporate leadership has taken notice of this since Eric is involved in some of the most critical processes and decisions in the product development community. Medtronic has a very special person in Eric. I am proud to call him a partner, advisor, and friend.


    Bill Branan

    President & CTO at Branan Technology Advisors, Inc.


    Eric was my DFSS Black Belt instructor and consultant at Motorola where he developed both the training curriculum and instructors. I have yet to meet anyone who is as knowledgeable in so many areas of Design for Six Sigma, as willing to help, and had as much impact as Eric Maass. Several years later, I still refer to notes and material from him.

    Bill Barr

    Business Development Manager at Verizon


    Eric has a special gift of challenging and encouraging individuals and businesses to reach ever increasing levels of competence. In over twenty years in R&D, I have worked with many brilliant people, but I have never found anyone who has the breadth of knowledge and practical experience in applying the rigor of Six Sigma methodologies to solve insanely complicated business problems. Eric’s creativity and vision allow him to visualize innovative solutions, when other individuals would have given up and accepted the status quo. He also has a special gift of communicating with students of Six Sigma methodologies so that they understand the concepts and become more confident and competent applying the right concepts and tools so that they create the most efficient solution.


    Kathy Hulina, M.S.ED.

    Training & Development Specialist ► Needs Analysis | Performance Assessment | Training Design and Development

    Eric is truly an expert in the Six Sigma field. I have worked with Eric for many years both as a contractor and as an instructional designer at Motorola. He is brilliant at developing simulations and other methods of teaching very challenging concepts and analytic tools to learners. He is also a wonderful team-player, and a joy to work with. Our teams could always count on Eric when a go-to need would arise. It is apparent that he really loves what he does.


    Michael Givot

    Leader, AWS Training and Certification Launch Management at Amazon


    Eric is one of the most energetic Six Sigma Leaders that I have ever met within my company. Eric has very advanced subject matter expertise which includes both advanced statistical techniques as well as six sigma tools. In that respect, Eric is one of the best technical consultants in the company in this area. However, Eric has a greater strength in terms of his incredible enthusiasm and passion for his work. Eric is a true mentor and teacher of others and it is clear that he always gets great satisfaction in performing that kind of role. Eric is definitely one of the most enjoyable types of people to work with as his great enthusiasm is contagious to all around him. Eric is very adaptable and flexible and works very well teaming with other associates at all levels of seniority throughout the organization. Like many others, I have tremendous respect for Eric as a person and as a highly skilled leader of Six Sigma Product Development. I view Eric as a very important contact throughout my career as he brings so much value to any organization. I would of course fully endorse Eric as an excellent resource, especially in the area of Six Sigma Product Development Leadership & Change Management.


    Denise Chaffin

    Team Lead / Manager, Recruitment Specialist at Top Source Talent


    Eric Maass is the Pioneer of Six Sigma technology. Eric is to Six Sigma as Sakichi and Kiichiro Toyoda were to TPS. He paved the way for lean sigma processes and technology at Motorola years ago, and has continued to advance this technology to high end manufacturing organizations worldwide. Eric is an incredible mentor, and has been instrumental in helping me to identify and recruit top talent for Lean / Six Sigma projects for over 15 years.


    Yan Liu

    Principal Systems Engineer at Medtronic, Inc.


    Dr. Eric Maass is an amazingly outstanding trainer, mentor, and technical/business leader. I learned a ton from his Design for Six Sigma trainings and felt very lucky to meet such a great mentor. I received tremendous help and advice on projects and on coaching. I am always amazed by how quickly and patiently Dr. Maass responded to my every single question, even though he is busy on many responsibilities, including being the lead trainer, DRM/DFSS course developer, technical consultant, and mentoring more than fifty Black Belts in Medtronic. His training materials are really professionally developed with a great level of clarity, technical depth and many real life engineering examples. His easy going personality, passion, humor and professional teaching styles make attending his training such a fun and efficient learning experience. I recommend his book and training materials to my friends and coworkers. Without surprise, they all like them!