Six Sigma Experts, LLC was officially incorporated on February 6, 2009, with Dr. Eric C. Maass as the Founder and President




    Six Sigma Experts’ approach is to grow by building strong partnerships with companies that have excellent reputations for training and development, and that desire to expand their reputation for excellence, and in so doing - elevating their companies’ and their clients’ capabilities and expertise.


    Six Sigma Experts’ training materials emphasize rigor, and a deep understanding of the products, the processes, and the challenges. Six Sigma Experts and its partners believe that companies and individuals are best served by high standards and high expectations - involving rigor and a deep understanding. People and their supervisors who have gone through the Six Sigma Experts curricula appreciate this – they can apply the skills and methods with confidence in their own abilities to handle any challenge


    Past and Current Relationships include:

    • Eaton Corporation
    • Motorola Solutions
    • Vestas, Inc  
    • Medtronic,
    • Omnicell
    • IBM
    • Roche Tissue Diagnostics
    • Confluent Medical Technologies
    • Edwards LifeSciences